Many people today find buying a vinyl totally useless, even if that vinyl is from their favorite artist. Why does this happen?

Well, today thanks to technological development, we can listen to thousands of songs thanks to our smartphone or audio player. While an old vinyl, which you can’t listen to while you’re traveling for example, digital music is portable, faster, easier and has higher sound quality. So the choice of digital music over vinyl is logical, but why after having said all this, does it still make sense to buy a vinyl?

Here are 5 Reasons To Have Vinyls:

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Final Conclusions

Hence, we understand that the vinyl brings a different experience of listening to our favorite music; a choice with some restrictions but which gives more information and nuances about the music you listen to. Listening to music on vinyl takes us back to the past, creates a movie-like atmosphere. Collecting and listening to vinyls still makes sense today and will hardly lose meaning even in the future. Because the subtle background rustle that vinyl makes is unique… and because vinyl ages, wears out… dies!

Just like us.