About us

A brief introduction to Bandcamp (a very established and useful platform for everything related to music) and informations on what you will find on our profile.

What is BandCamp?

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Bandcamp is an online record store and music community where fans and music lovers discover, connect with, and directly support the artists they love. It’s like a Spotify but with a more easy and simple approach, a different way of listening to music and having a contact with the artists you like. Often exclusive contents are published on Bandcamp, this reinforces the community of this platform that has been established for many years, but unfortunately not very well known.

Different Experience

Describing the user experience on this site is difficult, only by trying it you will understand its simplicity, its “retro” but at the same time modern aesthetic.

Discover New Talents

Joining Bandcamp (as a listener and as an artist) is free! This brings a lot of freshness of ideas and young artists to the platform’s catalog.

Benefit of Exclusive Material

Bandcamp allows artists, through their services, to sell and produce exclusive vinyls, cassettes and various merch.

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What you will find.

Our Profile

On our new Bandcamp profile we will publish exclusive instrumental beats (which you will only find there) purchasable for each of your future projects: for advertising, for your video (you cannot use them to make songs with them, if you are looking for beats for your musical projects as an artist you have to go to our beatstars profile).

On our new profile you will find all of our tracks published on streaming platforms (like Spotify or Apple Music) as well as exclusive content (we are working to make merch available).Check it out by clicking the button below.

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