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Most new musicians want to know how make a trap song so they can start making original music. There are many different approaches to songwriting, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Here’s how write a trap song step by steps.

What do I need?

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Those are the three steps that you have to follow if you want to make an excellent trap song:

The Beat

This is where all begins, let yourself be carried by the music and find your inspiration.

The Lyrics

This is where you come in and give all your creativity.

The Master

The last step, the final crucial touches before officially releasing the song.

Choosing the right beat

To choose the exact beat, you need to have a direct mentality towards the final result. There are unlimited flavors and shades of emotion for each beat, these will influence your lyrics, your approach to the song and the message you want to convey.

One tip is to take inspiration (to search the beat) from: songs, artists, feelings / moods, instruments that you would like to be present inside and whatever else you can think of.

Do not underestimate it

The importance of an effective master

It may happen that an artist frees himself from all the responsibilities of the final master. This is wrong: the master is the last process of verifying and checking the track before it is released to the public, after which it will no longer be possible to intervene. Take the time and the due attention, be sure to have a clear dialogue with your sound engineer for any doubts or modifications you deem necessary. Comparison is crucial for this last step.

Now you know how make a trap song!

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That’s all I wanted to tell you about how make a trap song… There are also other processes to create a trap track, please keep in mind and follow this guideline until you become familiar, afterwards you will be ready to experiment with any process you feel. After reading this article you are now ready to compose your own trap song.

Good Luck and Be Creative!