The Million Masks Of God

The latest full-length studio release for the Atlanta indie rock band, produced by Manchester Orchestra with Ethan Gruska and Catherine Marks, released in 2021 by Loma Vista Recordings.

Primary songwriters Hull and guitarist Robert McDowell, have long wanted to create a “movie album”, and here there is. Infact, The Million Masks of God follows a man who meets an angel of death. During the creative process, McDowell’s father died from cancer, and the songs acquired more of an autobiographical quality. The album’s lyrics have personal character to it, with most songs appealing to an unnamed “you” and “I”.

The strong point of the album is the sound, a mix of classic sounds that we are used to hearing (such as guitar or acoustic drums) and experimental analog / digital sounds. This is not new, but we really appreciate the “sound selection” that the Manchester Orchestra have made, also using new variants different from the usual sounds that we are used to hear on the radio by the most famous synthesizers.

This ensemble is perfectly suited to the voice that carries the whole production bringing emphasis and dynamics. There is a lot of organicity on the whole project, it almost seems that the music is played by nature, an effect probably given by a wonderful mix and master work by the engineers. The cover chosen by the band perfectly reflects the mood of the album: The Million Masks Of God.






A Pleasant Discovery

One thing we really appreciated is the “continuity” of all the songs, which makes the listening to the whole album very stimulating and unique.

In conclusion this is a very balanced album to listen, with great vocals and instrumentals (from an arrangement perspective). Give it a listen, even if it’s not your musical genre, you will be pleasantly surprised.